Q: What Is Home Staging?

A: Home Staging allows you to market your home to the largest audience possible by maximizing your home’s potential while minimizing the flaws. This can be as simple as reducing clutter and reorganizing the space, or as complex as bringing in all new furniture and accessories, or somewhere in between. Each home is unique and will require a different variety of services, but all start with an initial consultation, providing a full home evaluation including notes for improvements and updates. I will help to clearly define all areas of the home to eliminate those distractions that will keep buyers from seeing and remembering the great features of your house.

Q: What happens after the consultation?

A: You will receive the full evaluation notes from the consultation immediately following. If you have requested pricing for additional home staging services or staging rental items, you will receive these within 24 hrs unless otherwise advised. You may then decide if you wish to implement the suggestions yourself or employ Between Stages and/or Between Stages Preferred Vendors to assist with preparing the house for sale. Once the necessary recommendations have been completed, I can return to set up any requested home staging rental items.

Q: Do I have to implement all of the recommendations provided?

A: You don’t have to do any of them! However, the more you complete, the better your chances of selling your home, faster and for a maximum return. I understand that some of the recommendations may not fit with your time frame and/or budget, but I suggest that you aim for a minimum of 75% of all suggestions. Between Stages has been hired to provide an expert opinion regarding the best way to showcase your home and are therefore required to provide you with all of the information necessary for a successful sale. I will help you to prioritize the highest impact items to get the most out of your investment of time and money.

Q: Why should I spend money on a house I am selling?

A: Your home is generally your biggest investment. Investing in home staging will help to maximize your return on investment. A few dollars on home staging will go a long way by ensuring that you sell your home faster, and for more money. All statistics show that the investment in staging your home is always less than your first price reduction. Did you know that only 10% of buyers have the ability to visualize a space? This is just one of the reasons that home staging is so important in today’s real estate market.  Buyers are looking for a “move-in ready” home and will pay more to get this.  We are selling an experience, not just a home.

Q: Where do you rent your furniture?

A: All furniture, artwork, linens, and accessories rented from Between Stages are the property of Between Stages. This allows me flexibility with style, availability, rental period, and pricing.

Q: If I need to rent any items, how long will I have the rented items for?

A: Initial Rental period is for   45 days from job completion                           . Each additional 30 days is billed at 50% full rental fees (no delivery/setup charge or staging fees). Rental renewal fees are billed monthly and will not be prorated.

Q: Do you have trades workers/suppliers that you can suggest?

A: Between Stages has found top professionals in your area to assist you with your needs in getting your property “sell-ready”.  I would be happy to provide you with the contact information for any of these Preferred Vendors at no charge.  I can also contact, schedule, and manage these on your behalf for an additional fee.

Q: If I hire you for additional staging services, when/how do you get paid?

A: Between Stages will require final payment by __Job Completion__, however a down-payment of _50%_ is required prior to the start of work for most projects. Acceptable payment methods include check, money order, email money transfer, or credit card.

Q: What if I don’t like the staging items that you bring in?

A: Selection and placement of artwork, furniture, and accessories is at the discretion of Between Stages and it may not be to your personal taste. While you may voice concerns with any selected items, I shall have the final say on this. You have hired me for my skills and expertise, and I will ensure that the staging items will be chosen and placed to best showcase your home. We all have the same goal in mind – to sell your house!