It's Your Biggest Asset…Sell It for All It's Worth!  

Today's buyer is busy and willing to pay more for a move-in ready home.They do not want to inherit somebody else's 'To-Do-List'.  Let us help you create a first impression that makes prospective buyers fall in love at first sight!

Occupied Home Staging Packages

Standard Consultation -$250

Most of our Occupied Home Staging Services begin with a Staging Consultation. Preparing your home to go to market can be stressful and daunting. I will help guide you step by step through the process, hopefully easing most of that pressure. My job is to help you sell your house faster and for more money! Let’s make that happen by starting with your home staging consultation.

  • Your staging consultation begins with an introductory phone interview with me. This allows me to gather all the vital details needed about your home and your plans so that I can be better prepared for our in-person meeting. Afterwards, we will set up an appointment for your consultation
  • You will receive either by mail, email or in person my Client Care Package. This package provides information to help you with the complete home-selling process and includes some useful tips and checklists to help you get your home ready for market
  • I will meet with you to do an extensive walk-thru of the exterior and Interior of your home
  • I will analyze each area from a buyer’s perspective
  • Working together we will address any areas of concern and I will offer detailed ideas and solutions to play up the positive features of the home while eliminating or de-emphasizing any negative areas
  • You will be left with all the notes taken during the evaluation regarding the suggested updates, repairs, furniture arrangements, lighting, paint colors and accessorizing.
Together we will decide if further staging services are needed. If so, we will create an action plan to determine which staging package best suits your needs and budget. Before I leave, I will take detailed pictures of the areas that need work so that I can use them as reference to better prepare for staging day. We will then set an appointment to return to execute the work.

Premium Staging Consultation - $325 **Most Popular**

The Premium Consultation includes everything from the Standard Consultation with the following additions:


  • Following the initial consultation and after you’ve put in the work, you may need a little more help or have a few more questions. We will schedule a 15-20 minute phone or virtual consultation with me so you can finish it up with confidence.
  • Getting it Perfect! – I will return on the day of the photos (immediately prior) to get it perfect! This service provides approximately 15-20 minutes of “last minute” prepping and primping to ensure that rooms are photo-ready.

Executive Staging Consultation - $575

The Executive Occupied Consultation package includes everything from the Premium Occupied Consultation package, plus while its all fresh on our minds…

  •  2 hours of hands-on home staging assistance immediately following consultation

Virtual Occupied Staging Consultation – $250

The Virtual Occupied Staging Consultation includes everything from the Standard Occupied Consultation. The only difference is the process in which it is done. We will be able to use smartphones, laptops, tablets, virtual meeting rooms, email, Drop Box and/or face time.  Whatever works best for you.

 The Virtual Staging Consultation was originally used for homes that were outside of my working area. COVID-19 has made it the only way for stagers to do consultations during the quarantine.

The following shows how the process works:

  • The introductory phone call remains the same, but at that time we will discuss the best ways for us to communicate back and forth. There are a lot of options. We will use whatever works best for both of us. I will also give you direction on just how to take the best photos with your smartphone. Then I will guide you through the setting up of the virtual meeting room. We will use Skype or Zoom. Don’t worry, it is super easy!
  • I will send you my Client Care Package before we do the virtual meet-up. That will help you know how to prepare and what to expect from the consultation.
  • I will begin preparing beforehand by researching the area and your property using Zillow,, and Google Satellite.
  • During our virtual walk-thru I will guide you the same way I do when I am there in person, covering all the same things as in a Standard in-person Consultation.
  • Afterwards I will compile a report for you using all my research, your photos and my notes from our virtual meet-up.  You should have that report within 24 hours
  • Keep in mind that my relationship with you does not end after the Staging Report. I am available to you with any additional questions or advice you may need during the staging process.

Additional Home Staging Services

Once the consultation is complete, the work of preparing the home for sale begins! You may wish to perform the work yourself or call on me and/or my qualified team of professionals. Whatever your needs, I am happy to assist you with services beyond the Home Staging Consultation.

  *Please see the attached pages of additional services for a detailed description of each service


What’s Included

Cost (before tax)


Home Staging



Home Re-Design


May include furniture and accessory re-arranging, styling, decorating, picture hanging, organizing, decluttering, renovations, repairs and more!  If there is a task that you need assistance completing, let me know and I will do whatever I can to help!

Would you like help setting up your new home?  Since I am familiar with you and your furnishings etc. I am perfect for the job!  Re-designing is about taking what you already own and love and using that plus a few fresh new things to create the home you want to live in, without breaking the bank!

Half Day Staging Service


Full Day Staging Service


*See Staging Pkg Details

Home Staging Rental Items

This is a great, low-cost alternative to purchasing the items that you need, and can often be provided with a much quicker turn-around, at a fraction of the purchase cost. Save time, and money, and take advantage of my large selection of quality rental items.  I provide artwork, accessories, and furniture to fit your needs. If you need it, likely I have it! I will select, pack, deliver, and display the items that you need.

Varies depending on items needed – Between Stages to provide pricing for staging items and/or services needed following the consultation

Before Staging

Pre-Packing & Decluttering


Between Stages can help you with the packing process – I offer two options to the decluttering and packing service:

  1. Simply pack away what I feel is not adding to the decor and what is not needed day to day
  2. Declutter and Sort – this takes more time, and I request that the client be available for review. With this option, I will sort into “pack”, “donate”, “dispose”, and “keep” prior to packing. The client has final say before anything is donated or disposed of.

3 Hour Package -  $295

6 Hour Package -  $495

12 Hour Package- $895

20 Hour Package- $1395

*Sessions can be split up

        *See decluttering & organizing Package Details

Downsizing & Organizing Services

Between Stages is here to help you downsize and organize your life before you make your next move.  I will be there with you encouraging and guiding you through this daunting and often emotional task.  I call this my “Hold My Hand” Service.  Everyone’s situation is different.  I will be there for you in whatever capacity you need me to be.  We will work together but you set the pace and the perimeters.  Of course, you will have the final say before anything is donated or disposed of.  Need help organizing what is left? I can help you with that too. Whatever you need…just ask!

3 Hour Package -  $295

6 Hour Package -  $495

12 Hour Package- $895

20 Hour Package- $1395

*Sessions can be split up

        *See decluttering & organizing Package Details

Pre-Listing Services

Need that extra added confidence that everything is done and done right?  I can be there for you before the photos are taken, before your listing goes live and/or before showings or open houses

Pre-Photos & Pre-Listing

Walk-Through Services


Photo or Open House Prep


Shopping Services

Prefer to own instead of renting your home staging décor for use in your next home? Enlist your expert home stager to source, select, and arrange the items needed on your behalf!

Time billed at $75/Hr

Full Service

Vacant Home Staging

Because each home is unique, the only way to properly provide an estimate for staging a vacant home is through a consultation.

                      Vacant Home Staging –Prices Starting From $2500

Vacant Home Consultation


($150 will be credited back to you if I am hired for Full Service Staging).


Home's that are empty are in special need of staging and here is where we shine!  We provide options that other staging companies do not...

  • Starting with a home assessment, we deliver a proposal that provides a Good, Better, Best option to fit every budget
  • We use top quality furnishings in order to achieve that model home look that guarantees a buyer will "fall in love"

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(A $100 initial home assessment fee is credited back to your total vacant service when you choose us)

WARNING - Not all vacant staging is equal!

Not every home stager has the furnishings and accessories to pull together model home looking spaces!  Make sure to check the stager's portfolio and never go with the lowest price proposal since you usually get what you pay for.