Occupied Home Staging, Vacant Home Staging & Home Redesign

What is the difference?


Occupied home staging is preparing a home to sell when the homeowners are still living there before and during the sale. The home stager's job is to help you prepare the home to look its very best before listing. The first step is for you and your stager to completely go through the home inside and out together. During that time your stager will be guiding you on what needs to be done in order to get the home ready to be put on the market. During that time you will be listening and creating a DIY step-by-step list from which to work from. Each situation and each home is unique and will require a customized plan to get the job done. If you require extra assistance completing the needed tasks, your stager is there to problem solve and is trained and able to help in many different ways. Among many other services home stagers do, they can help you to decide what to pre-pack, what to keep, what to eliminate, what to move around, and what furnishings and accessories to bring in for photos and showings. Selling your home while you are living in it has plenty of challenges. Your stager will make you feel as if you are not "alone" while going through this process.


Vacant home staging means that the home is empty of people and furnishings. A home stager will go in and design the layout of the home and furniture. They will arrange to bring in furnishings and accessories to complete a look and a feel that will attract the best prospective buyers from online photos. The goal is to "WOW" potential buyers when they see the listing photos and create the desire for them to want to go and tour the property in person. When they step into the home, they should be able to picture themselves and their family living in that home.


Home redesign is not about selling a house, but about re-designing the home you are already in or perhaps the home you have just purchased. Redesigning is using what you already own and love, and possibly shopping for some fresh new things too. The process of redesign is about you and what makes you feel good and happy in your surroundings. It involves rolling up your sleeves and working together with a trained redesigner to create a comfortable, updated home that you can fall in love with for the first time or all over again!

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